Wednesday, June 21, 2006

All About Trojan

Trojan horse is a destructive program that masquerades as a benign application. Unlike a viruses, Trojan horses do not replicate themselves but they can be just as destructive. One of the most insidious types of Trojan horse is a program that claims to rid your computer of viruses but instead introduces viruses onto your computer (are programs that appear to have one function but actually perform another function.

Most trojans are in form of client/server. That means that a trojan has two programs. The one is the client (which the attacker will use) and the server (which the victim will run). In order for a trojan to work, requires "handshake" between client and server. Commands are send from and to the client from the server. The server listens on a specific port (or more than one) and waits for connection request.
| |
|--- CLIENT ---| < handshake > |--- SERVER ---|

To connect a client to a server, we must get the ip (read our Tutorial about "Ip & ports" to learn howto). When connected, the attacker perform various commands using the client.

NOTE: The victim must run the server app on his/her PC in order to connect to the remote PC.

NOTE: If the victim run the server and the attacker cant connect to the server, that usually means that victim has a firewall or a router (or an antivirus which detected the server and deleted it). This is easily bypassed by using a binder and an AV/Firewall killer.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Hi friends
"BitTorrent". You must be wondering what is this?. This is the future techonlogy to download files of any size much faster & much efficiently. There’s a new site called Windows Vista Torrent that you can use to download Vista Beta 2 using BitTorrent.

Want to know more about BitTorrent :-Click Here

Thursday, June 08, 2006

No PDF support for Office 2007

Because of the recent lawsuit threats from Adobe, Microsoft has announced that it would remove support for saving files in PDF from Office 2007. It is kinda strange because Adobe claims that PDF is a open format.It is even already integrated into OpenOffice and Mac OS X. I am not able to understand why Adobe is going to file lawsuit against Microsoft, perhaps Adobe apparently sees Office 2007 as a real threat.
Guys, if you are curious to find out what is behind the curtain, then here is link for you


New Website launched by Microsoft for Windows Vista

Microsoft has published a new site called The site highlights some of the upcoming programs in Vista and is very well made. Be sure to check it out and watch the flash videos!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Mixed DLL Loading Problem in .NET 2003 & 2005

Hi Friends,
Recently i came across a big bug in Microsoft.Net 2003 & 2005. I was building a mixed dll
(means Dll having managed & unmanaged code), when i tried to load it in debug mode, a error message poped up having issue with "loader lock". When i searched regarding this on .net, i was surprised to see that it is a well known bug, which is due to its architect & design. Misrosoft has suggested some workaround form this & assured to fix it in up coming versions.
To get more about this problem & for workaround, you can visit below mentioned link